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Traveling sounds expensive at times but it is the most life fulfilling activity.

Collecting brochures everywhere you go just to get yourself ready for the journey is exciting.  getting to tell everyone that you are travelling and making them jealous about your experiences is so much fun. living n a tourism destination for the past 5 years has been the best decision and i look forward to more years of this adventure.

There are so many places to visit in the entire world but believe me when the travel bug hits you, you want to drop everything and be on the road. I love doing local places more than anything because i want to be able to tell stories about home when i get to travel the world. I am a story teller so it is only right i get to explore my own land. Lately the burn to travel has taken over my thoughts and I’m planning saving up to get to a point where i just pack my bags and look forward to my next travel.

Talking of saving, it is the most important aspect of travel because it is liberating to travel debt free and look forward to collecting souvenir from all the places you have graced with your travel.


  • Funds to travel.
  • who are you traveling with?
  • what clothes to pack.
  • Which places are you visiting.
  • Availability of accommodation and flights/transportation.
  • check the weather for all the places for your traveling time
  • check if there is any vaccination needed.
  • Access to water,electricity or communication.
  • Visa if needed and the fees.

Happy and safe travels.

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