Making money online

I have been struggling with making money online. When I discovered blogging.

Blogging doesn’t make you money right away but over sometime when you have a better traffic

usually can depend on advertisement. recently I’ve been doing a lot of

research about making money online, YouTube has all the advice you can give.

Remember this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. This is an empire you have to build brick by brick.

This is an empire you have to build brick by brick.
when I started being an online nomad I had to learn a lot of things

that from the beginning I had discarded but now I have learnt so many things that have

paved a very good pass for me to work on. recently I have learnt to engage my readers

and everyone who’s interested on hearing my story about making money online.

so today I’m going to share tips of what I’ve learnt over time about making money online.

So let’s take this journey together of making money online from different websites.

The first website building site is WordPress. WordPress comes with a

perfect advertisement of its own which is called AdWords.

You can check out WordPress for a free website on

be sure to look out for their beautiful beautiful themes so that you can make a nice

website for yourself that can attract traffic around advertisers and attract every reader

around the world.

here is another tool that you can use to make money online.

You can use YouTube which is now worldwide and it can get monetized

videos and the more viewers you get the

more time spent on your videos you are sure to make those bucks.

First you have to find something unique like I said on top you have to find something

that you enjoy doing something that you love doing and something that you won’t get tired or bored

of doing overtime. set up your channel give it a very attractive name and name

that will make and no-one skip your videos make videos edit the videos make

sure you have a good editing skills to make you videos enjoyable and make people

spend time watching videos and one of the other things is to make sure that your videos

are family-friendly or no they’re going to get demonetized. when you set up your channel make

sure you know your target niche you know the age you want to target and you are sure to

make good content.

The other tip that I have for you is online surveys. you can go on Google and type online surveys or paid

online surveys and take the surveys

for a minimum of 0.05 cents. Sometimesthey can take so much time to accumulate the amount that is easily

payable. Be patient

because remember you are looking forward to making those bags and being trusted by businesses.

now let’s go to Google adsense, it’s one of the services just like AdWords

where you get paid by advertisers that advertise on your website.

after creating a website and accumulating

a certain number of readers register your website on adsense and they will take a look at it

sometimes it might get rejected sometimes it can be accepted and when it’s rejected take your

time look at their guidelines work on your website and make sure it’s what they want

the numbers go high and remember to blog regularly.

here is one of the things that I’ve seen happening around the world of making money online.

There are things that you know best the other things that you don’t even have to go and extra

mile on doing things that he do so effortlessly, so right about those things make it a book sell

your eBook you never know who needs the tips who needs the lower house of making it happen.

So let’s assume you are very good at prepping food or food prepping make a book

about it it will be good for those people who are looking forward to losing weight to

living a healthy life or changing their diet habits. we have booked all over of people

showing their skills on things that they are experts on so why not go ahead and create your own

eBook and sell it online. He is one of the tools that will help you on publishing your book

you go to Amazon kdp which is a direct publishing period though they will deduct a certain

amount from your sales at the end of the day you have those coins baby on your pocket

from writing about your expertise. I have seen people write beautiful things like getting rid

of acne. so go ahead and sit down to think about what you are good at put it on pen

and paper published and make that money.

here is one of the other things that I’ve seen happening around which is a great idea

but just know you have to set up a website. like I have said earlier on website can make

money out of advertisement but how about you advertise your own products on your website.

so let’s say you will make personalised t-shirts or you have a merch or you have just

anything to sell cell so how about you make money out of it. If your website has a high traffic

and you have more readers everyday that enjoy interest your content they also purchase

the products that you’re selling to them.

Last but not least dropshipping. many of you might have heard about dropshipping

over a period of time and don’t know what it is all about I have seen it happening on different websites and

people making money out of it so you set up an online store you look good but you don’t have them

right where you are. Most of the sellers on AliExpress and other online stores are dropshippers

what you do is you list an item put your own markup but when somebody wants the item

you buy them from the source and put the bio address instead of yours so

You have made money.



I look forward to hearing your stories about making money online and showing your success track so leave comments on the comments section telling me your

your success track so leave comments on the comments section telling me your

experiences about making money online what has worked for you,

you never know somebody here might need to hear it.



Changing Diet

This picture is so beautiful some will even salivate from just looking at it some disturbed since they are trying for a healthy living.

I’m starting my own journey which I hope will be incredible, losing weight is not really that big for me but there are things that I’m looking forward to that need that kind of change. My struggle with weight comes from when I was little apparently I was always a big child. I’m not going to use that as an excuse to remain big. I have to go through a life changing journey of at least losing the belly fat.

This is the journey I’m trying to embark on. They said it will not be easy but I’m up for the challenge either way. I look forward to missing my normal meal and wanting to cheat the diet and being proud that I didn’t fall into the trap.

I’m so looking forward to making those beautiful sounds with the smoothie maker and just feeling good about it. I was never exposed to healthy living until I got active on social media and seeing everyone is into it. I’m looking forward to sharing the journey with my readers and everyone willing to listen.

I will make a diet plan and try to stick to it. Since I’m not physically fit to do heavy exercises I will stick to cardio and the meal plan and try my best to have the results I want.

Let’s share this journey. If you have had the change to do it share and teach each other.

I can’t wait.


Thero M

The Beauty of A Fresh Start

The thought of starting the year all over again is exciting because you can work on what you did not achieve the previous year.

Did you notice everyone’s goal is to make more money each year. To look for the greener side of the fence. To seek greener pastures. This happens a lot to a point when there is tension between fantasy and reality. The work one has to put in to survive the hurdles and actually make it.

Now plan on what you want to do do achieve the set goal. Make sure it is realistic so you do not put pressure on your life. I’m going to share my financial journey on getting clean with debts and investing right.

Now investments are what you should look at side by side with saving.

CAREER is one of the most demanding tasks of our lives. We chase it grab it and want to grow it. But as you plan on doing just that remember to have a positive mind and also be open minded to things out your regular practice. Let your mind explore more possibilities allow your creative side show.


This is one thing that change a lot often times. So members lost due to death or fall outs. Remember you did not choose each other your family chose itself unlike friends.

Friends scatter there are those who come back and some never do. Most times our differences come in between and we forget why we are actually friends. But sometimes we let got becsuse of the toxicity involved. It’s ok friends come along all year round.


You started last year wanting to lose kilos and kilos but you seem like you not doing anything. How about you look for help. Training/gym partner and a dietician to help make too plans.

Maintaining a good shape is not child play so motivation and consistency are required on a daily basis.

New beginning


Thero M

Vision Boards

gray dream freestanding letters
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adult art artist blur
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Its the beginning of a brand new year and we are all looking forward to starting new things and letting go some. The biggest invitation to life is a second chance which we are given every day without doubt.

Resolutions are made but let me introduce you to vision boards. They could be the biggest trend now since we all have things to achieve and looking forward to celebrating life. Vision boards are liking putting your dreams right in front of you and wanting to get them all worked on despite the hardships.

so make your vision boards into quadrants and break them down into categories. E.g.

Finance(creating wealth)

  • Savings
  • Sticking to budget
  • Limiting impulsive shopping

Health (Living a healthy life)

  • Stick to gym routine
  • Eat healthy
  • Avoid too much junk
  • Regularncheck ups

Career ( Elevation)

  • Creating useful connections
  • Training in needed fields
  • Fixing a CV

Personal (being content)

  • Finding happiness
  • Time for introspection
  • Do what I love
  • Keep out of drama

I hope you look forward to a fruitful year all around.