Keeping a diet in check can be tiring and confusing sometimes but foodprep can come in handy .

It’s quiet amazing what food can do to our bodies, so much change all in one time. Dieting needs all the concentration and focus you can need. If you also go to the gym consider doing much research about what to cut and keep as far as balanced diet is concerned.

Finding the right containers for food is the best and knowing how long you can keep them in the refrigerator.

What are you actually eating at what time


. Green/vegetable smoothie

This containers the right vitamins needed to kick start your day

Move over, kale — matcha is the hot new green in town. The finely ground green tea powder delivers caffeine, while pears provide a boost of vitamin C and fiber. Protein powder ensures you’ll stay full long, so you won’t load up on empty calories that lead to weight gain.

This information/recipe can be found on and website gives 14 smoothie recipe that can be useful to your family life.


You can make sure for lunch you make a healthy meal that you enjoy and can enjoy in daily basis.

Chop the vegetables and book your pasta and make sure you balance the vitamins so that the body can also have a balance and good metabolism.

Between breakfast and lunch have a fruit and and keep your tummy filled with something.


This is probably your last big meal before that green tea before you sleep.

Mist of the time it’s good to feed a craving but in a small portion. I don’t actually prep for dinner so I can spontaneous about it.

I like steamed salmon boiled potatoes with a side salad and of course some gravy.

Don’t forget to also take a snack between lunch and dinner it can be baked crackers . It keeps you going

The lastly at least an hour after you eat get a cup of green tea just for a good detox and extra care for the skin.

In all this journey consult with your doctor for advice and how far you can go.


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