Yay!!! My favourite topic of all time. Anything that has to do with me giving myself some love is my fave.

I love creating moments of self care and self love inc operated together. There is so much happiness created within me every time I give myself some attention. Let me put you through how I make it work. You might pick some important leads to use on yourself.

DIY HAIR CARE : No matter how much I have tried to make use of the salon for hair care days I find myself wanting to spend time with myself through this activity so much that I never make plans to go to the salon. Hair care or wash days are days that I use to listen to my own thought and listen to my spirit. I find myself lost in the moment most times because that is when I have those UHUH MOMENTS!!! I get to remember things that I had neglected and little things that happened around me without noticing. I enjoy it so much, in my head a girls will actually be taking place.

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READING A BOOK:  Not all of us are fans of reading but if you are  take advantage of self care and read your favourite or any book you have been keeping aside and not finding time to read it. I fancy reading and I love romance novels. When I set out my week  read on chosen days looking at my schedule. On self care days  prefer to read as the sun sets and have my coffee at that particular hour. There is a certain vibe that comes through when the day comes to an end and you are able to relax with a cuppa.

JOURNALING : This is a morning activity where you put your thoughts down in writing. You can even write down the plans for the day on how you want the events to unfold. Let every thought come and write it down and let it sink in. Use this opportunity to write down gratitude notes and affirmation. Journaling is so relaxing it is like you talking to yourself in a fun way.

WATCHING A MOVIE & EATING MY FAVOURITE FOOD: After an hour of reading a few pages from a book and sipping on a hot beverage I get to prepare dinner. On this day it is not about what is on the menu but about what I want to eat.  choose a movie that look catchy to me and get ready to end my day in a high note and a day filled with freshness and rejuvenation. I can even decide to skip cooking and order food. I use that cooking time to take a power nap before I begin the home cinema program. I take that nap just after the cup of tea or coffee.

This is my little slice of heaven created by me for me. Go ahead and create this goodness for yourself and see how your whole world changes.

Need For Success

The need for success is in everyone. This is the reason we work so hard and try to balance everything at the same time.

Success has a different meaning to every single person whether we like it or not. What I consider success might be too low or high for the next person but it is something we are all chasing no matter the size.

You have ti determine your own gauge and work on it. The level of success you want to be on will be the measure of how much effort you invest. Success is not only about effort, it includes things like money, time and lots of research. Sometimes even letting of valuable things that use to mean a lot to a person.

First of all you have to know what success means to you as an individual and choose how best you can achieve it. I like to advice that you do not have to compare yourself with anyone and remain on your lane. We work towards in different ways which means we take different paces and lanes towards it. Mentor ship can work but do not become your mentor’s shadow trying to be successful. Even when you look up to someone do not lose your uniqueness in trying to be exactly like them.

The need for success should not be the reason you do not plan your route to achieve it. There is no rush to make because no matter how fast we move when the time is not right there will be no results. I am not saying do not work on the clock I am saying plan and work following the plan instead of rushed work and expecting great results.

It is not about how long it took but the results produced.

Choose your battle well, do not be over-ambitious or neglect the reality that comes with being successful. People overshoot their dreams and make it difficult for them to achieve their goals. The dreams becomes almost impossible due unrealistic planning.  Do you also have the need for success or are you taking it one day at a time? Are you willing to part with the luxury called time and get rolling on the road to success?

I have become too dependent on my talent and skill and I am taking this journey of success with every might, blood, sweat and tears. My need to be successful is really not about money even when money will bring the end results. I have no intentions of keeping a fat account and not use it to fulfill some of my desires of comfort. I am not going to hold back enjoying the fruits of my labour to keep the balance at a “million” because if I spend a 100 it will drop to 999 900. I am looking forward to creating sustainable success that will give me and my family comfort and know that I do not have to work my whole life chasing paper.

My success is not based on status and titles but on comfort. This means whenever there is peace as far as financials are concerned and my need to make more is not a must i will declare myself successful.

Share with me what success looks like to you.


Thero M