This is me the lover of good things. Nothing I mean nothing in this world cannot stop me from exploring life. We can do wine, coffee and yes lunch because dinners are just not into me but I’m into it. Let me dress you with the zeal for life why? Because it is short.

I fall in love with anything around me quickly as long as it sings my song and my melody. I’m a sucker for love I’m a hopeless romantic. I love love, birds love mama love papa love and yes puppy love. I’m that person except I’m not a cat lady.

I push limits to my stretch. On this Day sauna was not I’m my mind but because my body said by and get hottened(is it even a word) up I went and soaked myself in the steam then later sauna. It felt so good . I reflected and rewind my life the I smiled and though I’m Alive , I’m pushing, I’m winning and most of all I’m happy.

I so look forward to making my name known because I push limits and drag myself to tomorrow no matter how heavy my head is, not matter how cosy my bed feels I still wake up and push. I drag myself to life oh no I ain’t missing a thing honey I ain’t.