Making A Gap Relationship Work

I met Mike in 2013 and it was a very awkward way to meet.

I realised he was way older than me and it made me a bit nervous about the whole thing especially when it came to introducing him to the family. But we made it work until now. This article will give you a clue on how to do it too if you’re in a gap relationship.

I’m going to highlight ways you can make such relationships work with less effort and more love.


This is key in every relationship but when it comes to gap relationships it is vital. Remember you could be from different generations. This means understanding each is will have it out wrong turns but eventually things have to be sorted, decisions have to be made and choices picked.

For all this to be achieved communication has to come as an essential. Being able to put a message across without sound childish or uptight is one of the things to consider. Listen to what the other prefers and communicate what you prefer. Since one could seem left behind in experience and time the other might lack in trends and tech due to age difference but it’s nothing communication can’t fix.


You’re ought to accept that the other is way young and the other is way older. This will help in making decisions and living in a peaceful environment.

It also reduces the age issue being thrown in during arguments. Acceptance includes knowing the other likes a certain kind of music, clothes and even places to visit. Our generation wants a more alive spot and the older want chilled spots for entertainment. But because love and compromise are part of the package it becomes easy to navigate through both sides.

Acceptance also means that the other has to know that their partner can be slower or faster on some other thing.

It also refers to knowing that the other might be on the on the quiet side and the other might be more on the loud side. But this is not supposed to stop you from loving each other despite your differences starting with age.


The reason for a gap relationship Should Be Loved. If there is any other motive the relationship will not go far.

Oftentimes relationships are confused for material things and money. Whenever the lady is the younger one in the man is the older one the artist relationship to riches money and other benefits. The best way to get rid of this disgusting though is to love purely from both side.

Get relationships and he really controversial and they need somebody with a strong personality to navigate to them. I love should come as the main motive of that relationship so that it can move on and be able to get rid of any doubt from both sides.

Most times it is believed that older men use beautiful young ladies to their benefit and wanting satisfy their need to also look younger. women date older men for money and material purposes. But if love is portrayed in a pure way it is easy to get rid of the perspective and easy to introduce each other to families and move on with a happy life.


Having fun means enjoying each other’s company. Is going out of your way to make each other happy.

Try by all means to find things that make each other happy like going to the movies, going to watch football, going to the park.

Every couple in young or older get relationship have a love language. Gap relationship couples should be able to explore each other’s love languages so that they know what sparkes the fire of their love.

Sometimes it comes in the form of just sitting around making fun of each other. It also involves cuddling saying sweet nothings to each other just to remind each other of how much you love them. Having fun comes in So Many Ways it can depend on what kind of people you are. There is no manual on having fun in a relationship. But all-in-all don’t forget that you have to make each other witty and smitten and laugh all the time. You have to make sure they have you in their mind when they think of having fun.

Looking forward to helping you to make a gap relationship work.

12 thoughts on “Making A Gap Relationship Work

  1. petitehappenings

    Thank you for your insight on making a gap relationship work. I agree with all the bullet points you mentioned. They are all so important to making any relationship work.

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