Vision Boards

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Its the beginning of a brand new year and we are all looking forward to starting new things and letting go some. The biggest invitation to life is a second chance which we are given every day without doubt.

Resolutions are made but let me introduce you to vision boards. They could be the biggest trend now since we all have things to achieve and looking forward to celebrating life. Vision boards are liking putting your dreams right in front of you and wanting to get them all worked on despite the hardships.

so make your vision boards into quadrants and break them down into categories. E.g.

Finance(creating wealth)

  • Savings
  • Sticking to budget
  • Limiting impulsive shopping

Health (Living a healthy life)

  • Stick to gym routine
  • Eat healthy
  • Avoid too much junk
  • Regularncheck ups

Career ( Elevation)

  • Creating useful connections
  • Training in needed fields
  • Fixing a CV

Personal (being content)

  • Finding happiness
  • Time for introspection
  • Do what I love
  • Keep out of drama

I hope you look forward to a fruitful year all around.

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