The Beauty of A Fresh Start

The thought of starting the year all over again is exciting because you can work on what you did not achieve the previous year.

Did you notice everyone’s goal is to make more money each year. To look for the greener side of the fence. To seek greener pastures. This happens a lot to a point when there is tension between fantasy and reality. The work one has to put in to survive the hurdles and actually make it.

Now plan on what you want to do do achieve the set goal. Make sure it is realistic so you do not put pressure on your life. I’m going to share my financial journey on getting clean with debts and investing right.

Now investments are what you should look at side by side with saving.

CAREER is one of the most demanding tasks of our lives. We chase it grab it and want to grow it. But as you plan on doing just that remember to have a positive mind and also be open minded to things out your regular practice. Let your mind explore more possibilities allow your creative side show.


This is one thing that change a lot often times. So members lost due to death or fall outs. Remember you did not choose each other your family chose itself unlike friends.

Friends scatter there are those who come back and some never do. Most times our differences come in between and we forget why we are actually friends. But sometimes we let got becsuse of the toxicity involved. It’s ok friends come along all year round.


You started last year wanting to lose kilos and kilos but you seem like you not doing anything. How about you look for help. Training/gym partner and a dietician to help make too plans.

Maintaining a good shape is not child play so motivation and consistency are required on a daily basis.

New beginning


Thero M

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