Changing Diet

This picture is so beautiful some will even salivate from just looking at it some disturbed since they are trying for a healthy living.

I’m starting my own journey which I hope will be incredible, losing weight is not really that big for me but there are things that I’m looking forward to that need that kind of change. My struggle with weight comes from when I was little apparently I was always a big child. I’m not going to use that as an excuse to remain big. I have to go through a life changing journey of at least losing the belly fat.

This is the journey I’m trying to embark on. They said it will not be easy but I’m up for the challenge either way. I look forward to missing my normal meal and wanting to cheat the diet and being proud that I didn’t fall into the trap.

I’m so looking forward to making those beautiful sounds with the smoothie maker and just feeling good about it. I was never exposed to healthy living until I got active on social media and seeing everyone is into it. I’m looking forward to sharing the journey with my readers and everyone willing to listen.

I will make a diet plan and try to stick to it. Since I’m not physically fit to do heavy exercises I will stick to cardio and the meal plan and try my best to have the results I want.

Let’s share this journey. If you have had the change to do it share and teach each other.

I can’t wait.


Thero M

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